Stay Gold.

We are deeply, deeply saddened to hear that our longtime friend, Joe Macon, passed away today. Joe has been a fixture at our events for as long as I can remember. If it were up to him, I don't think he'd miss a single one. His footage of our shows and the countless hours spent together creating our OLD STORE/SHED DVD Video Compilation is a gift I will be forever grateful for.

Poster Store is Up

Posters are finally up! Feel free to check them out in the Merch section. We'll be adding more posters and other Old Store / Shed / Bowling items soon.

Photos & Videos Added

I finally got around to posting (just a few) of the great photos April has sent over to me. There are plenty more to add, but that page is finally seeing some much-deserved action. I've got a few old gems to add from The Shed & Old Store days... if you have any to share, please get in touch!! Also, all of the videos should be up-to-date. We've got 56 videos posted, so clear off some time and watch 'em all!

Celebrate Another Rad Summer!

Hi! Just a quick reminder that Campout Fest 2010 is almost a week away. We've added a free pancake breakfast to the list of happenings, too. The Valley Advocate was also kind enough to give the event some love. Check it out here.

Site Re-Design

Welcome to the new (yet not complete) website! The overall goal for the site is to not only announce some great upcoming events, but to also try to archive everything we've ever done since starting way back in 1998. Every band, every flyer, every video, every t-shirt, every button, every everything! Thanks to everyone who has help along the way... Don't stop, ever!